A-Z of my favourite movies!

I was thinking about posts that I could do every month, to give my readers something to look forward to, so I started googling blog ideas for women and I came across one that said why not do an ABC list of certain topics and I honestly loved this idea. My next step was picking a good topic that would help you readers get to know me a little bit but still making it interesting, so I thought, lets start with films. After all, it could give you some ideas on films to watch during this quarantine period. I haven’t included any Disney Films as that has its own list coming out tomorrow, so be sure to check back.

A – A Little Princess (1995); This is probably my favourite film of all time. If you’ve been following my blog for the last few years, you would know as I’ve mentioned this before but it’s a film about a little girl who ends up being a servant at an all-girls boarding school because her father is lost at war. If you haven’t seen this film, I would strongly recommend it.

B – Blended (2014); I am a massive Adam Sandler fan! I also absolutely love Drew Barrymore… You will see that both these two and they will appear a few times on this list. Adam Sandler has always been one of my favourite comedians and if it wasn’t blended, it would be Billy Madison, again, another Adam Sandler film. This is everything you would expect from this pairing, it’s a true rom com and I absolutely love the Sandler’s onscreen youngest daughter. She makes this film a ten in my opinion.

C – Clueless (1995); This is a typical chick flick. If you have seen the music video for Izzy Azalea – Fancy, you will see that parts of her video are based on this film. It’s about a girl who goes through high school and experiences different challenges like getting her licence and living up to parents’ standards. It’s based on the book Emma by Jane Austen.

D – Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999); This is a film I don’t believe many have seen. It stars Kirsten Dunst who is a girl who enters a beauty pageant, where contestants died in the process. It has trailer parks, drunks and murder all in one. It also shines a light on how serious people take these pageants in the US. You should watch it purely for comedic value!

E – Ever After (1998); This is an adaptation of Cinderella, one that interprets the story set by the Brothers Grimm. However, it tells the story of a girl called Danielle (played by Drew Barrymore), who captures the heart of the French prince in about the 16th century. I love this version of Cinderella more than any other and would strongly recommend.

F – Fast and Furious (Any except Tokyo Drift); I have nothing against Tokyo Drift, however if I had to list them starting with my favourites, that one would be at the bottom every time. I don’t know if it’s because it doesn’t have Vin Diesel in it or because there is no Paul Walker, but I don’t like it. However, the series in general, is one of my favourites. I love the fast cars and the action within the films. My favourite line of any of the films, is said by Dame Helen Mirren in the Fate of the Furious, and that’s when she refers to God’s Eye as the devils bumhole. Its brilliant!

G – Green Street (2005); I have seen this film so many times and it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it, the ending with Petey gets me every time! I’m not a massive fan of Elijah Wood, but I seriously love this film purely for Charlie Hunham. Not only is he appealing to look at, but he makes me fall for a hooligan every time I watch it. Curse you Hunham! It’s a film about football hooliganism and worth a watch.

H – Harry Potter (Any); This goes without saying but I am going to say it anyway, of course Harry Potter made my list. I’m crazy about the films and no doubt, if I do a book version of this list, it will probably make that too. I love these films; I love anything with magic and I personally believe that there isn’t a person alive who doesn’t know who Harry Potter is!

I – Inside man (2006); This is the first of a few action films on my list. It’s all about how they perform the perfect bank heist. I think this is a great film because it has a twist at the end. I mean every person performing the heist, get away with it and there is no death, which is always a plus. I would recommend watching it if you’re into action films.

J – Just Go with It (2011); The second Adam Sandler film, only this time it’s alongside Jennifer Aniston. The whole plot centres around a lie that Sandler says on a regular basis, and Aniston’s character must go along with it, and as typical Rom Com fashion, she ends up falling in love with him. To be honest, I think she always had a soft spot for him in the movie.

K – Kingsman The Secret Service (2014); How can anyone not love this film? It’s got Taron Egerton in it and it’s a film about spies! And not just any spies, gentleman spies. If you haven’t seen this film, I would strongly recommend because I think Egerton plays an amazing chav who wouldn’t harm a dog but would love to pop a cap in the bad guys.

L – Legally Blonde (2001); I have seen this film a thousand and one times! It was a big part in why I wanted to go off to university and study law. I mean there were other reasons, but I believed that if Elle Woods could pull it off, so could I. Turns out I wasn’t meant to be a lawyer, but she was! Plus, she gets to be a strong independent woman who gets to kick ass in a pink suit. That is a film that Luna will be watching when she is older.

M – Me Before You (2016); This film has made me cry every time I have watched the film and even so when I read the book. It’s a touching story about trying to give someone faith who lost all hope in a brighter future. I can’t write too much without spoiling it, but its honestly worth watching, just remember to have the tissues near by because it really is a tearjerker.

N – Never Been Kissed (1999); Yet another Drew Barrymore film, and one that I have loved since it first came out, and not only because it’s got her in it. It is about a girl who goes back to high school as an undercover journalist and tries to find the scoop. She also falls for her teacher. Tut tut! However, it stays true to 90’s chick flicks and I will forever watch this film.

O – Oscar (1991); This is probably one of the only films that is older than I am. The whole premise of this film is about a guy who promises his dying father that he will no longer be a crook and tries his hardest to keep that promise, despite getting tested at every corner. P.S, the character ‘Oscar’ is only on screen for about 30 seconds.

P – Peter Pan (2003); I LOVE Peter Pan, and no this isn’t the cartoon version. It’s the live action film with Jeremy Sumpter. It’s by far my favourite Peter Pan film although I do love the Tinkerbell series. It’s got action, pirates and of course Pan turns pink after receiving a thimble… I guess you could say that “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do.”

Q – The Queen (2006); Dame Helen Mirren is an actual star and I love per portrayal of our Queen in such a marvellous way. Not only does she have the right mannerisms and looks very similar, but she’s also the only person I could ever see playing the Queen, although others have done it since.

R – Raising Helen (2004); Raising Helen is a film starring Kate Hudson and is all about raising her sister’s children after they die in an accident. Helen doesn’t believe she’s the right pick as her sister already has children and would have made a better parental figure, however their deceased sister didn’t agree. You get to watch Hudson grow as she learns to raise three children, one of which is a teenage girl.

S – Snatch (2000); If you haven’t seen this film, I suggest you close whatever you’re reading this on and go and watch it! It’s a typical British film all about a diamond and it stars Jason Statham, what could be better? It’s got bare knuckle boxing, Irish accents and Vinnie Jones. It’s such a classic film, that I really don’t want to say much without spoiling it but go and watch it now! You won’t regret it!

T – Time Travellers Wife (2009); This film has time travel, love and a sad ending. What more can you want from a romance film? A guy can jump back and forth between time and ends up meeting his future wife when she’s a child… I know how creepy! However, it’s a good film, and worth watching if you’re into a bit of romantic sci-fi.

U – Up (2009); The only Disney film to make it onto this list because I couldn’t think of another beginning with U. Not going to lie. It’s a sweet film about an old guy who just wants to go on an adventure, he also makes his house fly with a lot of balloons. Plus, it has talking dogs and who doesn’t love it when dogs chase squirrels?

V – Vantage Point (2008); Vantage point is an action film taken from many different points of view, giving you a bit more information each time as to who is behind the attempted assassination of the president. It’s interesting, and if you pay attention, you’ll have it figured out sooner than you think. After all, so many lives are connected by one event, and it’s interesting to see how they all play their part in the aftermath of the event.

W – Waterboy (1998); The last Adam Sandler film on my list! I love this film because its all about how a waterboy(man) manages to work his way onto the team by being one hell of a tackler. However, I think the mum played by Kathy Bates is what makes this film special to me.  Any scene with her in, has me in stitches.

X – xXx (2002); It’s Vin Diesel… do I need to say more? It’s an action film with someone who has a problem with authority. I’m pretty sure it’s the first scene with Vin in it that sees him blow up a car in a stunt in order to make a point. If that doesn’t catch your attention, then I don’t know what will.

Y – Yours, Mine and Ours (2005); This film has one of my favourite quotes in it, “homes are for free expressions, not first impressions” and with a family that big, I’m not surprised. Eighteen children, two adults and a whole lot of shenanigans is what is in store if you decide to watch this film. However, it is cute how the families finally blend by the end of the film and work on getting the parents back together after breaking them in the first place.

Z – Zoolander (2001); Of course, I ended on this film! It’s hysterical! Ben Stiller is comedic gold and I think he plays a dumb model very well. The whole movie is a joke, from start to finish but it will have your sides splitting most of the way through. Plus, you have Will Ferrell playing a bad guy… I mean say what?

Well thank you for taking the time to read my A-Z of my favourite films and can I say that finding films that I love for each letter was harder than you think. I had letters that had four or five options whilst others had one, however, I really enjoyed sharing a part of my movie taste with you guys. Do you have any films that you think I left out? What are some of your favourite movies? Let me know by either leaving a comment below, finding me on Facebook, twitter or Instagram and get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. I hope wherever you are in the world, that you’re keeping safe and healthy and as always, don’t lose your smile.

Being a mum❤️ Ferrari❤️

I’m A Queen…

How shallow and superficial must I be to refer to myself as a Queen, but I honestly believe that there is royalty in all of us, it’s just a matter of establishing your self worth. You are worth more than anyone else gives you credit for. You go through battles that nobody sees every single day and you don’t give yourself enough props. You work through hard days because its expected, even though inside it kills you just to fake a smile. You have been put down and forgotten, but that’s because you forgot to remember yourself. You and you alone have got through every day that lead you to today and there is always a reason for it. Even in your darkest moments, there are reasons. You are not alone, you will never be alone for as long as you want people around. You are loved even when you don’t love yourself. You are you and that’s the best person to be. You are worth every diamond, every rock and everything in between. Because you, are irreplaceable.

Every single person on this planet has troubles and no single person is perfect. Anyone who claims to be, is a robot and doesn’t actually function. Perfection is a standard set to promise failure because its not achieveable. So stop trying and just embrace who you are, warts and all.

Today, I got asked what I would write to a 13 year old me, and it was such a simply hard question to answer. They didn’t know that at 13 my life changed so dramatically that I still haven’t really got myself back and that wasn’t their fault, but how I let that time affect me now, is my fault. This was a time where I was called a drama queen, an attention seeker, a liar and manipulator and most of all, it was the time that I needed everyone around me more than ever. I have spent most of my life as a victim of my past and I refuse to let it have that control over me anymore. I refuse to let other peoples actions and words determine the person that I let my little girl live up too. How can I, as a mother of a girl that will one day also be a teenager, let things that brought so much self destruction and self doubt, be the things she see? I can’t. The day I gave birth to her, I became a Queen in her eyes and she became my little princess. The one girl that I would give my life for without a first thought, let alone a second. I would go to the ends of the earth for her, and that means facing the demons that haunt my nightmares and keep me awake. It means admitting that PTSD is a real thing and its soul destroying but I will not let that be the side she grows up with.

If I wrote a letter to 13 year old me, it would go something like…

“Dear “Drama Queen”,
Embrace your title, embrace your dreams because you can do anything. No single person can stop you from living your life and being the person you want to be.
There are people around you that are going to become toxic, and although you are going to go through a turbulent time, it will get easier and it will all be worth it. But you can’t let their words shape you. You can go through hell and back, just don’t lose your smile. Don’t lose your personality and don’t lose your voice.
Your body is amazing, and you don’t need to worry about your weight until you get pregnant, because believe me, you will get fat but your child is worth it. Don’t lose that love of food, because it will make you try such random but beautiful meals. Food isn’t the answer, and neither is avoiding it.
Make sure you pick your own path. There are people that will say being creative doesn’t lead to jobs, and its bollocks!
Don’t hide your emotions. Don’t be embarrassed, you have a big heart and so many of your problems can be solved if you open up. People won’t always leave, I mean, you get to meet some of the best people, just open up and tell them what it’s like. There’s a reason you think and feel differently, and the ones that matter, won’t ever judge you for it, they try to understand it and they embrace it.
So many people will make you feel small, so many will doubt you and will try to bring you down, but you are worth more than that. Believe in yourself and you will be surprised where you end up.
Its going to be okay, I promise, and you should know, we don’t make promises we have no intention of keeping!”

I realised today that I wouldn’t change the things I went through, not the good and not the bad, but I would change how I dealt with it. So I’m going too. One day, very soon, I will post about the nightmares, I will post about the scariest and darkest moments because if I’m going to address them, It’s going to be my way. I always said I wanted to use my voice to make a difference, and I thought that meant going into law because I love arguments. I didn’t need a law degree because I have this. I have my voice and I have one hell of a way to go. But if I can help one person, if I can make a difference in just a single life, then all of the pain that I suffered to be strong will be worth it.

My little princess.


Life wasn’t meant to be easy, but it was meant to be lived. I’m not going to live in fear. Not in fear of others and their words, of people and their actions and I refuse to be scared of who I am. To some I am nothing, to others I am something, but to the most important person, I am everything, and that is enough for me. Don’t lose yourself to opinions of the few, because they will always look to bring you down to them because its easier to attack. Embrace the ones who matter, because they are irreplaceable. Until the next time, enjoy your day and ill speak soon. Ferrari❤️