On the first day of Blogmas!

On the first day of Blogmas; I’m giving you an excuse…

Okay, so I wouldn’t be me if something didn’t go wrong at the first chance. I started today off by saying white rabbits like I do every month (it’s supposed to bring good luck) and I had originally planned for us to take Luna to her meet Santa for the first time, however that has had to be rearranged as she has a cold. I don’t particularly want to take her out in the cold so we are gonna keep her wrapped up warm with plenty of snuggles today.

I thought, considering what I had originally had planned failed, I’d bring a bit of Christmas Spirit to this post.

My little brother is allergic to traditional Christmas trees… I know right, what a sucker. Being allergic to Christmas! But because of it, we can’t really have the real or even fake Christmas tree so we got this one.

It was £25 from Wilkos but it’s perfect! It’s different and colourful and once it’s got a bit of tinsel it’ll be festive. And it also means we still have a tree that we can put our presents under, even if it’s a twig light tree.

Although it’s only the first day of Blogmas, I’ve been in the Christmas spirit for months! I just can’t wait to have my first proper Christmas with our daughter. She’s gonna be awake for most of it this year and be able to open presents.

I hope today is the start of Christmas for everyone. I hope you spend time with your families as your decorating the trees, wrapping presents or listening to Christmas songs. Just enjoy the festive spirit because it’ll be gone quicker than we realise. ❤️



Tomorrow is the first of DECEMBER! Christmas music, Christmas decorations, Christmas films (not like I haven’t been watching them since October 🤷🏼‍♀️). Christmas EVERYTHING.

So, since Christmas is my favourite time of year and it’s our first proper Christmas with Luna (she was three days old last year and we hadn’t even been out of hospital 12 hours). I want to make it magical!! And this is also my first proper year blogging, so, I decided I’m going to do Blogmas! Every day, starting tomorrow, will be a different Christmas related blog!

I’m not gonna spoil too much by telling you what to expect. Just know that I am so looking forward to counting down to Christmas with you and I have every day planned.

I hope everyone has a great time and gets everything they want.