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My final blog post…

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram, you’d already know but I thought I’d share it with you.

Over the last few years I have absolutely loved writing my blog, sure some moments were tough but I loved it. Writing has always been a hobby of mine, and this site gave me the space I needed to write what I wanted without fear or judgement on my views. However, it’s not what it used to be.

Mentally, I am destroyed. I have given up on nearly everything right now. I can’t cope with anything right now, but most of all, I’ve lost everything that makes me who I am. I am back to looking in the mirror and staring into a strangers eyes. Who I am, feels pathetic and worthless. I am struggling with just about everything and because of it, my mental health has suffered completely.

I am not in the best frame of mind and yet again I’m quitting because I’m scared of failing. I feel like I already have. I feel like I have failed in life and love. I feel like I fail my daughter because I don’t know who I am or what I stand for. I don’t know what happiness is. I thought I did, and when it went, I was broken and I don’t know when or how I am going to fix that, but you can believe I am going to try.

I want to personally thank every single follower, viewer and reader that has taken the time to visit my blog and read the words that I wrote. Nothing can change how thankful and how much I appreciate it. I want to thank every person that shared my blog and left love with it. You guys are amazing and I am truly humbled.

But sadly, this is my final blog post. This is the end of the line for openupwithme. Maybe one day I will go back to writing, but it wont be anytime soon. I need to find myself for my daughters sake, that and being a mum is a full time role that needs my full attention.

I want to wish everyone that has followed this blog, whether it be recently or from its inception, good luck on your future adventures. I hope your lives are enriched with happiness and love, because they are the most important things in this world. Whether its love from family and friends or from a partner, its important to treasure it always.

Goodbye and much love.

By openupwithme

PTSD, EUPD, Depression, Anxiety, Post Natal Depression, Bulimic.
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