What wins in a battle between head and heart?

So what do you do when your head says one thing but your heart tells you different? Do you follow your head, knowing what your heart desires, because you know that it’s the right thing to do, or, do you follow your heart that could lead you through an uneasy path?

A good friend of mine once said “in manners of business follow your head, for its the wisest. But in personal matters, follow your heart because it’s the purest thing you can give.” I mean I can see where he’s coming from but I also wouldn’t be me without my own opinion. Now, I’ve spoke to him about many things before and there isn’t much we disagree on, but this may be one of them.

I was in secondary school in a computer room with a class. Now I’m pretty sure it was business studies but I could have been wrong. But where this cute boy was sat, above him was a quote and it stuck with me. Not the cute boy but the quote. “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Which is something I truly do believe in. I loved working as an ambassador for Staffordshire University, I loved engaging and being involved in a community that got to bring loads of people together. However, I had been known to push my body to point of exhaustion for work and I shouldn’t have done. But I loved the job and well the money was a bonus. I made some truly amazing friends for life doing that job and I would recommend it for everyone that attends a university. It makes so much of a difference. But, my heart was in my job. I loved going to work and meeting new people, and that brought in business.

I make a lot of mistakes because I follow my heart rather than my head. I follow my heart for everything because I honestly believe it knows no boundaries. It sure gets me in a lot of trouble and half the time I don’t think before I act but I don’t regret my choices. My head has played tricks on me for my entire life. I don’t trust it. But my heart has taught me things that I would never want to lose. But our hearts are all about taking risks, that’s why they call it falling in over. You don’t know if you’re gonna keep falling or hit the floor and crumble.

My head overthinks and it gets me in trouble when I don’t know how to react. But my heart tells me that everything will be okay and that love is the greatest thing imaginable. So my heart will win every time.

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After all, I followed my heart and now I have our daughter. ❤️

Ferrari. 💝

By openupwithme

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