Today I got triggered…

This post is going to touch the nerves of so many people, but what you should remember is, this is my blog and I am entitled to my opinion, whether you agree with it or not, that’s your choice. I however wont stand for people that want to force their opinions onto others. That is why I decided to write this post rather than to succumbing to the arguments that so many people lack.

Recently, I have seen so many posts about ‘vigilantes’ taking the law into their own hands. I have seen people praise murderers because of who they killed and why they did it. When, did this world become so wrong? When did it become acceptable to murder anyone? It hasn’t.

I am a firm believer of everyone is entitled to their human rights, regardless of who they are and what they have done. I honestly believe that no life is worth more than another. I certainly don’t think my life is more important than that of the homeless on the street or the criminals in prisons. We are all made of skin and bones. We all have blood running through our veins, and all have the ability to be either a good or a bad person. That is our choice as humans. We have the right to do what we want, we should understand that comes with consequences.

The second somebody takes the law into their own hands, they become exactly what they are fighting against. I saw a post about a guy who killed an animal killer, that in turn has made him a murderer. Regardless of why he did it, he felt that the life he took wasn’t worth anything and that is wrong. Anyone who then promotes that behaviour, in turn are promoting violence and murder in the name of ‘karma’. No. That is not karma. That is a person making a choice to take another’s life. Karma would be the dog killer, getting attacked by the very thing he was killing.

Yes, I would agree that the justice system in the UK, is lacking in so many areas, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to go out and right every wrong. That would make me exactly like the people I can’t stand. I can’t stand the level of hypocrisy that I see about this. I have seen people that want to preach about human rights, then turn around and say that murder is acceptable in the name of karma. I have seen people that believe they are the law, get their arses handed to them because they thought they knew better, and I have watched lives be ripped apart because of the actions of these vigilantes.

Taking the dog killer into consideration, he was never punished for his crimes. He was never convicted for his crimes, he was only suspected. Take into consideration how many people are wrongly accused and sent to prison because of a jury that based their decisions on what they could have done rather than the proof. Take into consideration people that spent years in prison to be found wrongly accused and set free. If someone had killed them, they would have killed an innocent person. What about the life of someone who gets sent to death row, killed and then someone confesses to the crimes of an innocent man who died in the name of justice? That is not humane or right. That isn’t fair.

I don’t agree with the choices of murderers or rapists, but that doesn’t mean that I think they shouldn’t have human rights. That would be ridiculous as they are still human. Their extremely poor choices don’t stop them from being a human being, it just stops them from being a decent one. They still deserve the rights of humans.

I studied Law and something that I completely stand by is the ‘Human Rights Act 1998’. The first part of the Human Rights Act talks about the right to life. Article 2, section 1: EVERYONE’s right to life shall be protected by law. Everyone! Not just people that have never committed a crime but also criminals including rapists and murderers. They have the right to have their life protected by law.

I don’t agree with the actions of those that have committed atrocious crimes, but I will stand up for them because they are still human and deserve the right to live. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be punished for their actions, because they really should. But they should be punished by law, regarding law, and not in the name of the law that others want to preach. I will stand up and say that they too have the right to feel safe and secure because they are still human. Nobody knows what made them commit their crimes but there was obviously something. Nobody in this world is born evil, they develop it. So why don’t, instead of saying that they have no right, try and understand what made them tick. Because the power to murder someone is in all of us whether we believe it or not. Most of us would never even consider taking another’s life and I for one wouldn’t either.

I am going to become so hated but I can relate to those that have committed crimes because I have done some questionable shit. I have never taken someone’s life or had sex with someone against their will, but that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of it. We are all the same, it’s just some people make BAD choices. That in turn requires a punishment by law.

Now, before you preach to me about being an activist in human rights, make sure you’re on about all humans and not just the ones that you think are worthy of those rights. I believe that everyone on this planet is equal. Nobody is more important than another and we all have the same rights. I am not about to pick and choose because then I don’t really believe it. You are either completely with Human Rights for everyone or against it. You can’t pick and choose who falls into ‘everyone’.

Thank you for reading. Ferrari❤️

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