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Swings and roundabouts.

It’s funny. I started writing my blog post when Luna went down for her nap at around lunch time and it couldn’t be more different to what I’m writing now at nearly 8.

So to begin with my day started off beautifully. I got cuddles with my little princess and I was happy. Within an hour, we found out that my mums car had been broken into along with a few overs and it really annoyed me. Why do people do that? Like really? Just so you know, one of the cars that you broke into and could only steal the face of the radio off, yeah that was my mums Christmas present that she received 36 hours prior. So well done. I hope you’re proud. I hope the £9.99 face was worth it. I hope it gave you such a rush and it makes your Christmas perfect. But know that you will not dampen my spirit or make me think any less.

You had a choice. A choice in which you committed a crime, multiple times. That choice you repeated, was a bad one. Now, I could let you get the better of me and be angry that you destroyed her property, but I won’t. Instead I hope that you get yourself out of this funk and eat a proper meal, your legs are twig thin. It can’t be healthy. But after today, you will be just a person who made a bad choice. The window will be replaced, an alarm will be fitted and she will continue to drive it.

After reporting the crime, we found out that even though he didn’t wear gloves, even though there was cctv footage of him, he got away with it because they wouldn’t be taking it further. Again I got annoyed that there wouldn’t be justice. Again I felt betrayed by people, but I wouldn’t let it throw me. He may have got away with some possessions, he may have broken four vehicles in total, but it brought people together. We got to know our new neighbours and we all had a right laugh at your expense. We made a joke out of you and continued our day. Because you will not beat us.

At about 4 this afternoon, I got a call about an appraisal for some of the items my Nan had left my auntie Jackie that she had given to mum to sell. We took them down and found out about the items in question of which, one was a locket. It had old photos in them, ones of my aunts and uncles, but behind them was a picture of a man that me and my sister didn’t recognise. We put the picture to one side so we could show mum. Well, when we did, we found out that it was a picture of my great grandad, someone my mum had never seen before but she knew exactly who he was. It’s funny because had we not sold the locket, we would never have taken out the pictures. We may have lost a face from the radio but we gained a more important one.

Charles Samuel Bolton, my great grandad. ❤️

You see. Life is all swings and roundabouts. (Or so I’m told 🤷🏼‍♀️). If a day starts off bad, it may not end that way. Just hold out hope.

P.S. to those of you that asked why I hadn’t written. The truth is, I’m not okay. So even though I really want to write, and most of the time I do, I think that you guys wouldn’t want to read it. So I don’t post it. I would rather write with quality than consider my quantity. But I love you guys and I am so thankful to you. ❤️

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