Sorry it’s late 😘

So this is a quick update post. I am so incredibly sorry that it’s taken a bit longer to write this week. I would love to say it’s because so much has gone on but that would be a lie.

As you know, I have Addison’s disease which means when I get sick, I get very sick. I’ve spent the last week recovering from an infection and have been sleeping way more than usual. I’ll try to post more in future but I’ll definitely be keeping the weekly theme. And if I get more inspiration during that week to write more, then I will share it with you.

I also have to get back to writing my novel. I failed at my first checkpoint which means I’ve gotta write twice as much this month. But more on that as it comes.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. It truly means a lot. To think that my blog has hit the 300 views milestone, truly is an achievement. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. ❤️

By openupwithme

PTSD, EUPD, Depression, Anxiety, Post Natal Depression, Bulimic.
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