Proud mumma momentšŸ–¤

Today, my baby girl took her first step unaided and has now done it twice. Okay, so both times she’s only managed one step but that’s okay. Because that first step is always the hardest.

We’ve been staying at one of my best friends house whilst her mums been away, so that she didn’t lose out on money but having to miss two hours of work everyday as she has a young son who needed to get to school before she could start her shift at the care home. I’ve been helping out with Luna and my partner Kieran so that she could keep as much as routine as possible.

Just so happened that whilst we’ve been here, Luna who will be 9 months on the Saturday (22nd if you’re reading this after the upcoming week.) has been pulling herself up using the sofa and walking along it. She’s been doing that for at least a week now and has pretty much mastered it. So me and Kieran thought that it would be a good time to start teaching her to walk unaided. She would hold onto his index finger and walk, after she had taken a few steps, he’d slowly release his fingers and she’d usually fall to the floor. Well today, whilst my hands were there, ready to catch her, she took her first step.

This was by far one of my greatest moments as her mummy. She made me so proud and I couldn’t help but pick her up and give her a big kiss and a cuddle.

That first step was always going to be the hardest as she hadn’t done it before but she wasn’t scared and when she fell, she used time to pick herself back up and try again. She amazes me each and every day. But I’m telling you now, I can’t wait for the moment she calls mummy and wanders over to me wanting a cuddle. Because I will pick her up and give her one and no doubt I’ll be crying at the same time.

I always wanted a child but having speaking to doctors, I didn’t think I would have one of my own. Here I am, with my miracle baby. So believe me when I say, I’m gonna make sure to document everything. So much so you’ll all get sick of reading about her. šŸ’•


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25. Mum. PTSD, EUPD, Depression, Anxiety, Post Natal Depression, Bulimic. Find me on Twitter @OpenUpWithMe; Instagram @OpenUpWithMe; Facebook @OpenUpWithMeBlogšŸ–¤

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