“There are billions of people in this world and sometimes all you need is one.”

This week I want to focus on inspiration. The people that push me to be better and that are worth having around. The ones that make me feel like I want to be better. The ones that haven’t given up on me and help me each day. The ones that help me face my fears. The ones that help me reach my stars.

I have always been really fortunate. I have many people that I look up to and inspire me.

The most important person is my baby girl. She inspires me each and every day. I wouldn’t give up fighting because I know that she needs her mum. I push my boundaries because I don’t want to pass my fears on to her. Just one smile from her and I’m so warm inside that I never want to see her without it. She makes me want to be the best mum I possibly can. To always give her the best. To fight her demons and to be her strength.

Another major influence in my life is my cousin. A fair few years ago she picked up and moved to a different country. Many people said she’d be back but I think that was wishful thinking on their part. Because she hasn’t. Since being out there she has found true love, made bricks and mortar into her family home and started her family. She has pushed me to believe in myself so many times and I know she’s always there when I need her. She has never let things hold her back. She hasn’t always believed in herself but I can tell you now, I have. To me, she is fearless. She is an amazing mum and an incredible friend. She makes me so proud. She helped me to follow my dreams and go to university. I know I always have her support and I know I can do anything I want.

My family push me to be stronger each and every day. My mum has gone through hell and back yet came out the other side and is stronger for it. She doesn’t let her past define who she is. She handles three autistic children without any help and preserves through all her troubles. She has always let me follow my dreams and makes sure that she can help me every way she can.

Both my mum and my cousin are so much stronger than they would let you believe. They have more courage and tenacity than many people I’ve met but they also don’t shout it from the rooftops. They are two of the greatest people in my life and even when they are at their lowest, they smile and pretend that everything’s okay. They won’t let anyone see their weakest days. And I love them so much.

I’m also fortunate enough to have many friends around me that have helped inspire me to write my story. They have influenced how and who is in it. They all have characteristics that I’ve incorporated and because of it, I know I’m gonna have one hell of a story. (More to come on that as it unfolds)

Thank you. Thank you for letting me have people to believe in. Thank you for pushing me to be the best version of myself I can. And thank you letting me experience your strength first hand. ❤️

By openupwithme

PTSD, EUPD, Depression, Anxiety, Post Natal Depression, Bulimic.
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